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Violin Lessons Singapore the Suzuki Way- It’s Fun and Affordable!

Learning the violin using the suzuki violin method is not compulsory. However, we at Violin Lessons Singapore strongly believe that all, regardless of age or gender, should learn violin the suzuki way. We believe that character is the key to becoming a great violinist.

Many violin schools in Singapore simply teaches students to memorise violin exam songs for the sake of passing exams. However, we believe that learning the violin should be an enjoyment and not a pain. We help students to build a strong foundation, before moving on to taking exams. This is beneficial for students in the long run as exams get harder at every grade.

Furthermore, by learning the violin the suzuki way, students would be able to handle their music theory exams easier. In music theory, one would need to learn and understand the key signatures, sharps, flats, counts and music notes. By simply memorising the exam song, a student would be unable to learn any of this and hence affect his music theory progress. However, by learning the violin using the suzuki method, students would be able to learn to read music notes and hence improve and excel in music theory.

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Our Enjoyable and Affordable Violin Lessons Singapore

Whether you are looking at toddler violin lessons, private violin lessons or adult violins, we have it all. We provide these various violin lessons to suit your preference and needs.

Adult Violin Lessons

You are never too old to start learning the violin. Adults actually learn faster than children as they understand the value of time and money! Click on the link to read more about our Singapore adult violin lessons.

Private Violin Lessons

Do you wish to learn the violin but find transportation an inconvenience? If so, take our private violin lessons Singaporewithout taking a step out of your home.

Beginner Violin Lessons

Do you wish to start playing the violin? You are never too old to start learning the violin. Click here to read more about our beginner violin lessons.

Our ABRSM Diploma Certified Violin Teacher Singapore

To give you a peace of mind that you and your child are being taught accurately, we will only let the best violin teachers in Singapore to teach you and your child. Hence this is why we have a few requirements for our good violin teachers:

  1. Be positive and love to teach and play the violin- share your joy of making music with students.
  1. Have been certified with the ABRSM diploma- this differentiates us from other violin schools where violin teacher Singapore are not certified with the ABRSM diploma.
  1. Have had testimonials from happy existing students- we strongly believe in student satisfaction.
  1. Be patient and able to explain things easily- to help children learn quickly and effectively.

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