Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons

Have you finished taking your violin diploma or wish to learn a new string instrument? Recently, Violin Lessons Singapore has teamed up with Guitar Lessons Singapore into providing our students with an easy and great way to take guitar lessons! Not only is a guitar...

Giving Violin Performances on Stage

The Grand Occasion We all love to be in the spotlight as soon as possible. Getting applause from a live crowd is a heavenly feeling. The clapping sound adds more energy and liveliness into our performance. Stage performances are some moments that can be shared with...

Remote Vs Online Violin Lessons

Taking violin lessons remotely have become the trend in digital age. With technology, it’s expected for us to be presented with much more options. However there can be few things irreplaceable by the technology window. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of taking online...

Silent Violins Reviews

What is the Silent Violin? The silent violin is an instrument originated from an acoustic violin. Although it was first created for silent practice without disturbing neighbours, it is shown to have more benefits such as being used in performances and play along with...

Why Learn the Violin?

Violin lessons are starting to get more and more popular in Singapore. Everyone, from young toddlers to adults wants to get started picking up a new music skill. Out of all the string instruments, the violin is considered to be the most popular music instrument to...

Violin Equipment

Playing the violin is fun and enjoyable. However, shopping for quality violin equipment could burn a hole in your pocket. There are many things one would need to buy in order to play the violin- cases, rosins, bows, music stand, chin rest, soft carpet and even the...

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