Group Violin Lessons in Singapore

Although some students like taking private violin lessons, most prefer learning the violin together in a group. There is no ‘better’ between the two choices. Both private and group violin lessons have their benefits and advantages. Learning individually will allow you to be more focused on learning the violin without any distractions. On the other hand, learning with other together in a group will allow you to make new friends and share ideas and feedback with each other. 

 Benefits of Learning the Violin in a Group?

  • Sharing opinions and feedback with each other. Students often help and share their opinions with one another.
  • Make new friends with other students and form a happy violin community. Many of our students look forward to their violin lessons because of the presence of friends. We believe that interaction with other students is important in learning.
  • Students can compete with each other and gauge their own standard. It is good for students to be naturally motivated to keeping up with their friends and practise at home by themselves.

Boy Staring to Play the Violin

Boy Staring to Play the Violin



Why Learn From Our Violin Teachers?

There are many qualified violin teachers in Singapore. Why learn from our violin teachers?

  • All our violin teachers are ABRSM diploma certified. It is important to find a violin teacher whom understands the exam syllabus to help students to pass their violin exams.
  • Our violin teachers are affordable, friendly and able to communicate well with children. Some violin teachers are strict and fierce, hence causing children to be scared and dislike playing the violin.
  • Our violin teachers have a number of testimonials from happy students. This is proof of being able to teach students well.
  • Our violin teachers do not teach students to memorise and keep on practising exam pieces for the sake of passing. Instead, students learn to read notes and are also encouraged to play violin songs outside the exam syllabus.

Wish to Learn the Violin Together With Your Friends and Family?

Do you want to learn the violin together with your friends or family? Simply request to learn together and we will arrange for you to be in the same violin class.

Want to Register for Our Group Violin Lessons?

Are you interested in learning the violin in a group? To sign up for our group violin lessons, fill up the contact form on the right or visit our contact page.