Private Violin Lessons in Singapore

Individual Violin Lessons

If the rain or lack of transport inconveniences you, then private lessons are just for you. With our individual violin lessons, you will not have to take a step out of your own home. Our great violin teachers will brave through the bad weather to provide you with an experience learning the violin. With the private violin teacher travelling, learning from the comfort of your own home is possible.

Having individual violin lessons is good for some, especially if they want to master the violin. For many, group violin lessons are simply too distractive as a learning environment. To help our students with their musical education, we provide 1 to 1 violin lessons. With just you and the teacher, there will be no distractions and the teacher will be able to focus all her attention on you.



Benefits of Taking 1 to 1 Violin Lessons

  • Learning at the comfort of your own home.

Learn where you are safest and most comfortable at- your own home. Have no obstacles preventing you from attending violin lessons and learn violin regardless of the weather- rain or shine.

  •  No distractions

Without others, you can learn without the constant chatter from students. With all the noise, it is easy to mishear the teacher or learn the wrong thing.

  •  Supervising your Child

To keep your child safe, have your child learn where you can monitor him- at home. Your child is safest and most familiar at his own home, where he can learn at ease.

  •  Learn at your Own Pace

When learning in a group, the teacher can only move on when all is ready. When having an individual violin lesson, you can learn at your own speed- fast or slow.

  •  Having the All Focus on You

Without a noisy and big class, the teacher can spend less time disciplining and more time teaching. With only having 1 student, all her attention can be focused on 1 person- you.

Why Take Private Violin Lessons With Us?

There are a lot of violin teachers in Singapore providing private violin lessons. Out of all of them, why learn the violin with our private violin teachers? Being in the violin lessons for several years, we know many good violin teachers and how to select them.

The violin teacher has to have many positive testimonials from his existing students. This tells us that his students enjoy and find their violin lessons beneficial to them. The comments from students about violin teachers will tell us a lot about the violin teacher during the lesson and his character.

In addition, the violin teacher has to be ABRSM diploma certified and familiar with the latest violin exam syllabus. This is important as it shows that the violin teacher understands how the examiner thinks, and is able to help the student to pass the exam.

The violin teacher has to have a flexible timing schedule and is punctual for his classes. Many at a time, private violin teachers are often rushing and late for their lessons. This reflects badly on teachers as it shows that they are disorganised. If a violin teacher has flexible timing, it would be easy for the student and teacher to coordinate when changing dates or timing of the lesson.

I want To learn with My Friends and Family

Learning the violin together is great! This will allow you to share and help one another during the violin lesson. If you would like to share your musical experience with your friends or family, fill up the contact form on the contact page to inform us.

Do Not Own a Violin?

If you are not an owner of a violin, have no worries. Our teachers may have an extra violin depending on your violin size. However, we advise all students to own a violin as you will need to practice during your free time.

What are Your Fees?

For our 1 to 1 violin lessons, there is no fixed price. Our fees depends on the location of your home and the grade you are learning at. To receive a price quote, please contact us.

Keen to Join Our Private Violin Lessons?

If you would like to join our private violin lessons, feel free to fill up the contact form on the right. Please tell us where your home is and the grade you wish to learn at when filling up the contact form.