Suzuki Violin Method- Its Fun and Easy!

There are many methods to learn the violin. In one camp, there are those whom teach students to simply memorise songs just for the sake of it. In the other, those like us, who use enjoyable and proper methods such as the suzuki violin method.

What the Suzuki Violin Method Is

The suzuki method of teaching violin is a method conceived and taught by the Japanese. Over 50 years ago, Shinichi Suzuk, a Japanese violist, came up with the suzuki method. This method was mainly used for teaching students with parents giving loving encouragement at their side.

Children at the age of 5 or 6 are encouraged to start learning the violin. This is to give them an early start and build a strong foundation. However, it is never too late to start taking suzuki violin lessons.

Why We Use the Suzuki Violin Method

The concept of the suzuki violin method is ‘character first, ability second’. From a young age, we teach students the basics of the violin (e.g holding the violin at the correct position). This is to build their foundation in music. They will have a head start over others by being able to learn new music pieces faster.

Learning in a right environment is crucial for proper learning. We encourage student to learn comfortably. Thus, we provide private violin lessons where you can learn in the comfort in your home. Alternatively, you could have violin lessons at our violin teachers’ home too. Most importantly, learning should be done where one is happy and relaxed.

Learning the violin using the suzuki violin method is fun and easy. We encourage students to learn in groups and share ideas together. When making mistakes, students can help correct each others’ mistakes and give helpful tips. Hence we use the suzuki violin method, to give students a great musical experience!

Suzuki Violin Lessons for Children

Many have the wrong idea that children whom learn the violin using the suzuki violin method are prodigies. Children whom learn using the suzuki violin method are not ‘gifted’ or have parents whom are great musicians.

In fact, children whom learn using the suzuki violin method are actually normal children whom has no musical background or experience. They are simply learning the violin using a unique and effective learning method.

The suzuki violin method focuses on helping students learn the violin not only for the sake of passing exams but for fun as well. The suzuki violin method focuses on building a strong foundation, instead of simply memorising exam songs.

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Suzuki Violin Lessons for Adults

Many adults ask whether they can learn the violin using the suzuki violin method. The videos of child prodigies learning the violin using the suzuki violin method on the internet have inspired many adults.

The suzuki violin method is not only used for teaching children- adults can learn using it as well! In fact, adults actually learn the violin better than children. Adults has the desire to learn the violin and tresure time as well. Children is unable to treasure money and hence learn slower than adults.

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