How to Hit the Right Notes on a Violin

Hitting the Right Notes on the Violin Playing violin, guitar or any handy yet classy musical instrument gives a grand feeling. When compared with guitar, violin scores a point more, considering the amount of classy touches hidden within. Procuring the top level skills...

Basics of Violin Care and Maintenance

Once you have brought a violin you bring home a lot of responsibilities in regards to its care and maintenance. It would be a pain to watch music instruments turn into bad condition. Even if you don’t see the artistic value in it, commercially you are losing a lot on...

Playing Your Best Under Pressure

Stress When Playing the Violin During Exams and Performaces It is not a rare sight to see nervous students before their turn to perform on stage or before an examiner. Especially if it is your first time, you may be under intense pressure. With too much stress, you...

The Importance of Owning a Good Violin

Owning a good violin is crucial in your musical journey. More often than not, the quality of the violin affects your playing. Many buy a poor quality violin over a good one because of its cheap cost. However, they are not looking at things in the long run. A good...

How to Recognise a Real Stradivarius Violin

Stradivarius violins are made by famous luthier, Antonio Stradivari. Stradivarius violins are rare and worth a lot, some even up to three million dollars! Many claim to own real stradivarius violins. There are several ways to identify a real stradivarius violin: Find...

How To Tune Your Violin

Violin is such an elegant music material which provides with out of world music and entertainment. It doesn’t take a bad workman to blame his tool, when it comes to violin. A badly tuned violin produces music miles away from standards of its caliber. Pitch matter when...

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