Violin Lessons for Adults


Am I too Old to Learn the Violin?

Many adults have the desire to learn violin. However, there is always a fixed mindset preventing them from doing so- I am too old to learn music. Learning music is always misunderstood to be for the young. However, this is not true as adults can actually learn better than children! Adults can learn fast and in detail whereas children learn at a slower pace.

Adults often complain of having too much work and hence not enough time to practise. However, if one practises the right way and consistently, time would not be an issue. Quality matters, not quantity.

In fact, our violin teachers prefers teaching adults than children. This is because adult students are motivated and understand the value of time. In addition, adult students are learning because of their own desire, unlike some children whom learn because they are forced by their parents.


Advantages of Adults Learning the Violin

  • Relax your Muscles

After a long day at work, it is only natural to rest and relax. The key to having a good rest is music. Music soothes and calms your muscles and brain, making it easy for you to be at ease.

  • Impress Other

If you are one whom loves to awe people around you, having a talent is the answer. People are often amazed at musical skill, especially when they do not have it.

  • Learn to Manage your Time

When juggling with your work life and music practice, you will learn to balance your time between the 2. Able to plan ahead is important, especially for big important projects.

  • Learn to Coordinate with Others

When playing a duet or with others, you will need to coordinate and work with each other to play a perfect music song. Hence playing the violin will allow you to communicate well with people.



How Long Will I Take to Learn?

This depends on the time you have to practise the violin. However, on average, a working adult in learning in our violin class should take about 4 months. This is to build up his basic music foundation as well as getting used to playing the violin. Having a good foundation will allow you to be able to sight read and play songs after little practice.


What is the Age Group in The Adult Class?

There is no average age group in our adult class. However, the age of our adult students range from 20 to 60 years old! Surprisingly, our elderly students are able to learn and play better and faster than our younger adult students. This is because they are intrigued by the sound of music and have more time to practice.


Do I Learn the Violin for Leisure or Examinations?

We advice adult students to learn violin as a hobby. However, if you wish to be a violin teacher or professional violist, our violin teachers will give you all their support as well! If you are able to learn quickly, you can skip grades to get your violin diploma sooner!

I Started Learning the Violin When I Was 25!
When Jazzica was young, she wanted to learn the violin. However, due to the lack of money, she was unable to do so. It was only until she was 35 years old did she decide to take violin lessons. Surprisingly, she picked up the violin quickly with the help from her violin teacher. Now, Jazzica constantly practises and loves playing the violin after a tiring day of work.

Interested to Learn the Violin?

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