Best vocal schools in Singapore

Not all great singers were born that way. Some had to attend countless vocal lessons to be where they are now. If you are interested in vocal lessons, there are many vocal schools available within your reach. Nowadays, vocal lessons have been made more accessible by many vocal schools. This is to address the growing demand and popularity of vocal lessons. However, finding one of the vocal schools that are best for you and your method of learning may be tricky. Since there are various vocal schools in Singapore, they also vary in the method of teaching. To help you decide which vocal school is best for you, let us talk about the best vocal schools in Singapore.

Music Lifestyle Academy

Music Lifestyle Academy offers Vocal Lessons. Music LifestyleAcademy vocal instructors are graduates of reputable universities like Berkeley College of Music USA and Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, United Kingdom. Music Lifestyle Academy’s priority is to ensure the quality of vocal lessons that each students will experience regardless of any genres such as classical or pop.

Studio 72

Studio 72 is one of the most diverse vocal schools in Singapore. It does not only offer vocal lessons but also offers lessons on many musical instruments. They are composed of talented individuals who all have relevant experience in music. Their vocal lessons include identifying basic elements in singing, discovering voice type and quality, vocal positioning, and vocal techniques. They believe that a person’s ability to sing can be honed through various lessons. They also offer a free trial for those who are still deciding.

The Vocal Studio

This vocal school also offers a free trial to assess the vocal of the student. They believe in teaching vocal lessons in a holistic approach. This means that they will not just teach the student how to sing but also to teach the fundamentals and many techniques that can be helpful in singing. This will be done through teaching theories, conducting practicals, one-on-one experience, and receiving professional feedback from the teachers. They teach a wide variety of genres like pop, musical, jazz, Bollywood, Latin, and KPop.

Focus Music

This is one of the vocal schools that has a specific genre. It mainly focuses on pop singing. They equip students with the necessary capabilities, knowledge, and experience to sing pop. They claim to be able to teach students how to extend their vocal ranges. They teach the fundamentals in singing that are very important especially for beginners. These fundamentals will be very useful as the student progresses in his or her singing journey.

Their module teaches choral techniques of breathing and vocalization. It also includes tonal quality and vocal exercises. They also cover aural awareness and body movements for the total performance. Their rates start from $195 per month for group sessions. This includes a total of four sessions. While individual sessions cost around $320 for every 4 sessions. They also conduct dual sessions that are priced at $220 per month with four sessions.

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