Easy Violin Lessons in Singapore

(Hint: Find a good violin teacher!)

Everyone wants the shortcut to learning the violin. Although, there is no ‘easy way’ to mastering the violin, there are methods to making your musical journey easier.


Having a Suitable Violin Teacher

Your violin teacher is going to guide your throughout your musical journey. Hence it is important to have a certified and encouraging violin teacher. She must be able to spot your mistakes and help you correct them. When hiring a good violin teacher, these are some questions to keep in mind.

  • Does the violin teacher like playing the violin?
  • Is she an experienced violin teacher?
  • Does she have any positive testimonials from existing students?
  • How does she teach the violin? Does she tell students to simply memorise exam pieces for the sake of passing the exam?
  • Is the violin teacher ABRSM diploma certified?

The list goes on and on, but above are several questions to ask yourself before hiring the violin teacher.

Girl Holding Violin

Owning a Good Violin

Owning a good violin is also a must for you to be able to play well. When you are performing on stage or playing in front of the examiner, you will want to do your best. However, many buy cheap poor quality violins, and hence are unable to play well. Although good quality violins are more expensive, they produce a better sound quality. In addition, they are long lasting, and hence you can use it for a few years.


Having the Right Attitude

If you do not like to learn the violin, there is no use forcing yourself. When learning the violin, you must have the positive attitude and determination to push yourself to work hard. After taking violin lessons, you must take time to practise and correct your mistakes without having a violin teacher at your side.

For a child to dislike learning the violin, you could let him learn fun and easy violin songs instead of exam pieces. It is more important for a child to enjoy learning the violin for leisure instead of learning for the sake of passing exams. If not, he will lose interest soon and stop wanting to take violin lessons.


Our Violin Teaching Method- The Suzuki Way

At Violin Lessons Singapore, we use the suzuki violin method in our violin lessons. The suzuki violin method was invented by Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist. The suzuki violin method focuses on the character of the students as well as the suitable learning environment.

Some of the violin schools in Singapore only teach students to memorise and practise exam pieces for the sake of passing exams. Hence students have the mindset that they take violin lessons only for passing exams.

At Violin Lessons Singapore, we teach students to have fun learning the violin. We teach and encourage students to learn violin songs besides exam pieces. In addition, we train students to sight read violin songs instead of practising and memorising them. Hence our students look forward to taking violin lessons and learn new violin songs.


Interested in Our Suzuki Violin Lessons?

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