Frequently Asked Questions at Violin Lessons Singapore

Below are several frequently asked questions that we receive. If you still have more questions regarding our violin teachers or rates, please contact us!

What are the fees for your violin lessons?

Please visit our violin lessons fees page for more details.

Should I buy a violin before I start learning?

Your violin teacher will lend you his violin for the first few lessons. However, please buy a violin when you are sure that you would like to take violin lessons.

Will there be an official receipt given?

Yes, there will be a receipt given after payment have been made.

When will you collect the lesson fees?

We will collect the fees on the first week of every month.

Will I have make-up lessons if I am sick?

Yes, but please give your violin teacher at least 1 day notice in advanced.

Are your violin teachers certified?

All our violin teachers are ABRSM diploma certified. In addition, they have testimonials from existing students. Feel free to ask questions to clarify any doubts.

What is the youngest age for a child to start learning

We recommend children 4 years of age and above to start taking violin lessons. However, if your child shows a serious interest for the violin, he can take our toddler violin lessons.

At which age should my child start taking violin exams?

We recommend children to start taking violin exams from the age of 6. It is also recommended that he should have taken a few months of violin lessons beforehand.

What do I need to start playing the violin?

Firstly, you would need a violin. Violin equipment such as a bow, case and rosin will be necessary as well.

Can I take a few lessons to see whether I am interested in learning the violin?

Yes, but the fee for each violin lesson must be paid.

How quickly can I learn the violin?

It depends on individual capability and practise time that determines how fast it would take one to pick up the violin.

I am an adult. Can I learn the violin?

Of course! In fact, adults actually learn the violin faster that children as they are self-motivated and have commitment.

How can I sign up for my violin lessons?

Fill up the contact form on the right or visit our contact page