Importance of a good violin teacher

People often ignore this, but having a mentor is integral to learning any new skill. Aside for the long hours, passion and dedication needed, having a good teacher is nearly mandatory to learning the violin. There are many helpful online tools and tutorials for new students. However, nothing beats the student-to-teacher experience from fun interactive violin lessons.

Passion and dedication can only get you so far. A good violin teacher will teach you the right techniques to holding the violin, correct your mistakes during sight reading and give you confidence in yourself. A good violin teacher makes lessons fun and relaxing. A good violin teacher pushes his or her student to learn new and challenging songs as well as take pride in passion for the music instrument. But it is not always easy to find the most suitable teacher. There are several factors to finding a good violin teacher to mentor and refine your music skills.

Reputation of the violin teacher

There is a reason that word-of-mouth is one of the best advertising methods. Nothing trumps branding and the reputation of a teacher. If a violin teacher is caring and patient in his or her teaching approach, gaining students through referral or recommendation should come at ease.

To gain an idea of a violin teacher’s reputation, one will only have to ask for testimonials, photos of the teacher with their students or videos of students giving their recommendation. At Violin Lessons Singapore, all our teachers have a portfolio of happy students. We don’t want you to join our violin lessons with any doubt in our teaching abilities. We have helped to build the confidence in many of our students and hope to grow your passion in learning music too!

Patient and caring character

Personality is the one factor that differentiates a good teacher from a bad one. In any subject, having a patient teacher makes the difference between enjoying and hating learning. In addition to many case studies on schooling and education, personal experience has convinced us at Violin Lessons Singapore the importance the personality of our teachers.

A positive teacher will product a happy student. A good violin teacher will care for students regardless of any learning disability or trouble picking up a new instrument. Several teachers are impatient and are often intolerable to students who learn a new instrument at a slower pace. We believe that learning the violin has to come naturally and with ease. A student who is being forced to learn quickly or unwillingly will not enjoy their violin lessons. Their music passion will not last. Especially for children, forcing a child to learn the violin or push them into taking their ABRSM exams quickly will lead to resentment in lessons and music altogether.

ABRSM Certified violin teacher

In Singapore, ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is one of the most recognisable music certification. Visit any music school or ask any music teacher in Singapore and he or she will tell you the importance of being ABRSM certified. Aside from passing a theory exam, anyone who is ABRSM certified will also have to pass their practical exam for their respective instrument. There may be good international teachers who are not ABRSM certified. However, always remember to verify their certification beforehand.

Being ABRSM certified, all our violin teachers are confident with their teaching approach, as well as their knowledge is helping students go through and pass ABRSM exams. Having an ABRSM certification provides parents with the confidence in teachers needed. Especially when entrusting their children’s music education, it is important for parents to trust the music abilities and violin teaching skills of any teacher.

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