Good Violin Teacher in Singapore

How to Selevt a Good Violin Teacher

Today, anyone in Singapore can claim to be a violin teacher and start holding violin lessons. How to differentiate a good certified violin teacher from the rest? Below are several guidelines you could use. Do not that the points listed below are not exhaustive and if facing any uncertainty, you should not hesitate to ask questions.


ABRSM Diploma Certified Violin Teacher

Is the violin teacher certified to teach? It is important for a violin teacher to have taken the ABRSM diploma. Some violin teachers in Singapore are not ABRSM diploma certified as they have been self-schooled. Because violin lessons have evolved over the past few years, they may not understand the latest techniques or the basics of the violin.

Instead of teaching students the basics of violin, some violin teachers teach their students to memorise the song. This is simply done for passing the exam and showing results to the student or parent. Especially for a beginner, he will be badly affected by this teaching method. This is because he will always depend on practising and memorising songs beforehand instead of reading the notes.

Sight Reading

Sight reading is a component tested in the ABRSM exam syllabus. The examiner will give a short unknown song for the student to play. The student will be given one to two minutes to read the notes and symbols. He will then be required to play in front of the examiner. This is often the ‘killer’ of the exam as many students have been trained by violin teachers to simply memorise the exam pieces. Hence many students fail at this component which often affect the student’s total exam score. Anyhow, playing the violin should be enjoyed and not learned simply for the sake of passing the exams. With no interest of music, it will be difficult of you to learn the violin.


Track Record and Reputation of Violin Teacher

Unless a violin teacher have just started teaching, he must have previous or existing students. Before placing your musical education in the hands of a violin teacher, you must be sure that he is capable of teaching the violin. The best way to do so is from seeing testimonials from his students.

You could ask the violin teacher to show you a recording of his existing student recommending him or find reviews of him online. Alternatively, you could ask forums about the violin teacher’s reputation. If he is reluctant to show you any testimonials, it is likely that he has a bad teaching track record.


Character of Violin Teacher

It is understandable that everyone has their own personalities and character. However, a good violin teacher should be calm, friendly and patient. Especially of teaching a child, a violin teacher should be cheerful and fun.

A strict and impatient violin teacher is not suitable to teach children as they need time to adapt to playing the violin and may not learn as fast as adults. A fierce teacher will only scare children and cause them to dislike playing the violin.

Hence the character of a violin teacher is crucial to the learning of the violin.


Ask to Take a few Trial Violin Lessons

Before finding a permanent violin teacher, you should take a few lessons from the violin teacher. By doing this, you can observe his character and teaching style. Below are some points to look out for:

  1. Is the violin teacher on time for lessons?
  2. Is he impatient and fierce?
  3. Does he simply instruct you to memorise songs without understanding the notes and symbols?
  4. Does the violin teacher focus on character of student?
  5. Does he teach the basics such as the proper way of holding the violin?

The list goes on and on but these are just a few guidelines.

You would like to find a violin teacher whom is punctual for his lessons. To teach the violin effectively, he must be patient and friendly. Otherwise, he might scare young children and cause them to dislike playing the violin. In addition, he should encourage you to understand the notes and symbols of a song, and the basics of starting to play the violin.

All our violin teachers are hired based on the criterias above. We guarantee that our violin teacher will teach you to read notes and symbols of a music piece.

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