Thinking of picking up a music instrument as a new hobby? Having a good violin teacher is a must. Many beginners look at online tutorials and videos when first starting to play the violin. This is an amazing way to get into the passion of music. However, one cannot learn the violin properly without having a good violin teacher by his or her side. 

Aside from helping new learners the correct techniques in holding the violin and bow, violin lessons will help new students learn to sight read music songs. Furthermore, violin lessons provide students with a routine learning schedule. A good teacher will make violin lessons fun and build a positive environment to learn in.


Violin lessons teaches you discipline

Learning the violin by yourself is a self-motivating and inspiring achievement! But what happens when you lose steam and motivation? Will you give up on learning a new instrument? Weekly violin lessons will help force you to stay committed to your new hobby. Apart from checking up on your progress weekly, violin teachers will be able to point out common mistakes and make learning a new instrument easier and more enjoyable. 

At Violin Lessons Singapore, our goal is to make learning the violin as easy as possible. Learn the songs that you like. Don’t learn the violin for the sake of learning a new instrument or to pass exams. Take violin lessons because you enjoy the beautiful sound that this fragile instrument makes. Love spending your down time creating music and explore your creative side.



Learning the violin makes you strong academically

Learning the violin is like learning a new language. Think about it — instead of communicating with others in English, violin lessons teach you to communicate your emotions with others in beautiful notes.

According to research, music lessons is positively correlated to a academic achievements such as a high PSLE score, fast comprehensive reading ability, as well as math and problem solving abilities. Looking at the process and journey one takes with violin lessons, this should be no surprise. Sight reading is similar to comprehensive reading skills. A violinist must be able to read and play as he or she goes without missing a beat. In many ways, children violin lessons prepare young children for many integral problems and tasks that they will later face in life.


Violin lessons bring you joy

Most importantly but often overlooked, violin lessons bring you joy.

Many have admitted to having music being the love of their life. Some spend hours practicing away for concerts or creating music. Musicians are often looked at as one of the most creative people in the world. Legends such as Led Zeppelin can only be admired by common folk as he stuns everyone with beautiful music played from his guitar. 

As many of our students often tell us, learning the violin is not easy. It is especially challenging at the beginning. Especially with no prior experience, reading notes and learning the correct holding techniques can be frustrating for many. Like running however, pushing past this initial pain bring great joy later. The feeling of being able to play your heart out after a long stressful day is unexplainable. Nowadays, people are restless after work. Like playing sports, music gives your brain a chance to relax and recharge before having to tackle new problems tomorrow.


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