Suzuki violin lessons in Singapore

There two methods to learn the violin. On one hand, some violin teachers train students to memorise songs simply for the sake of passing the exams. On the other hand, violin teachers use the suzuki violin method. Our violin teachers are in the category of teachers using the suzuki violin method.

We at Violin Lessons Singapore, believe that music should be enjoyed and not played for the sake of taking exams. We require students to master the basics of the violin such as the right way to hold the violin etc. By doing so, our students will naturally build a strong foundation, and hence able to learn more challenging music pieces easier.

What is the Suzuki Violin Method?

The violin suzuki method was invented by Japanese violist, Shinichi Suzuki. The suzuki violin method emphasises on the right learning environment as well as developing the character of student. In our suzuki violin lessons, our violin teachers helps students master the basics of the violin before moving on to playing music pieces. At Violin Lessons Singapore, we aim to give students an enjoyable music education instead of only focusing on passing exams.

Can adults learn the violin using the Suzuki method?

Of course! Everyone, regardless of age, can learn using the suzuki violin method. You are never too old to learn the violin. In fact, our violin teachers actually say that adults learn the violin faster than children. This is because adults are dedicated in learning the violin and understand the value of time and money.

Adults are recommended to take suzuki violin lessons as the suzuki method focuses on the basics of the violin before playing songs. As adults may not have lots of time to practise, hence mastering the basics is important to learn music pieces quickly and easily.

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Commitment of being a parent to your child

If your child is young and just starting to learn the violin, we welcome parents to attend the children violin lessons with their child. This is to give children the motivation to learn the violin and spur them on. In addition, parents need to know what is taught in class to supervise their child to practise at home.

Parents are also advised to learn to play the violin. This is because guidance for your child is needed at home. Parents can them correct their child’s mistakes and prevent from learning the wrong thing.

It is recommended for parents to play music of the violin for their child. Especially when asleep and listening to music, your child will naturally pick up the rhythm of music and hence able to play the violin better.

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Taking group Suzuki violin lessons

By taking group violin lessons, you will have the benefit of:

  • Sharing ideas with other students.
  • Correcting each others’ mistakes

Always helping one another.

  • Motivate one another

Never give up on learning the violin!

  • Have fun together!

Have fun learning the violin together!

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